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This is such fun, I am dominating every round, and no one can touch me…until a character named “Unknown” arrived. She was the cause of copious amounts of swearing and blasphemy, rage and of course screaming at a TV. If that TV were free it would now have a fist-sized hole through it. It turns out it isn’t and truth be told putting down the remote is sometimes the best option.

However that is not to say Tekken Tag Tournament 2 is anything short of tremendous. This new Tekken title is ridiculously fun in every single way. Having my CG teeth kicked in by Unknown was also a blast, the reason being that the game would have been too easy without a madly powerful boss. Though that being said the arcade option is not the main focus anymore. That focus has shifted to online play which is subsequently also phenomenal.

The gameplay is fantastically simple if you are a beginner, which has always been the Tekken way. Once you begin to perfect combos and truly grasp the fighting system the game becomes something prolific which again is testament to Tekken’s tradition. Any and every gamer can pick a remote and dive right into the action without being completely useless.

In addition there have been many combo additions for all the regular characters as well as the addition of new characters. To mention but a few: Alex, a boxing velociraptor, Tiger, who is Eddy stuck in the 80’s, and Forrest Law, Marshal Law’s butt-kicking son. Some of the characters have featured before in Tekken Tag Tournament, the original, but did not become regulars. There are also many new environments which are usually interactive or at least pleasant to fight in.

This brings me to my next point, the graphics, which have clearly been improved. The surroundings, character powers and jaw-dropping combos are all phenomenal to behold. When handing out the pain you will inevitably smile as not only does it feel so good to see your opponent’s health drop drastically but it also a visual splendour. Though when you are on the receiving end at least there is a nice backdrop to watch instead of your characters being tossed around.

A feature which I found interesting was “Fight Lab”. Using the Combot character you fight through mini-games to learn how to play. As you progress you can customise your Combot with moves from various other characters. Which given the right combination can make Combot as powerful as Unknown, well almost.

Another feature of being able to fully customise your characters to make them look badass or quite silly is for me a waste in game-development time but it does add a sense of humour to an otherwise serious title.

Finally online play is for the most part insanely fun. There are a few times when you are pitted against a Tekken legend and they wipe the floor, walls and ceiling with you all whilst probably having a cup of tea with their spare hand, no they only have two hands they are just that good.

Tekken Tag Tournament is a must buy whether you are a huge fan or have no interest in it whatsoever. It will only result in hours upon hours of fun, laughter and most of all unparalleled entertainment.

Tekken Tag Tournament 2 Rating: 8/10

Check out the Tekken Tag Tournament 2 website: http://www.tekken.com/

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