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The SSX series has been one of great successes from the original SSX, to SSX Tricky, to the sort of sequel and to SSX 3. Admittedly there was the unwelcomed lull in the form of SSX On Tour and SSX Blur. So when the new SSX was announced many fans almost wet themselves from shear excitement and the rest of us weren’t exactly camping outside our nearest retailer.

In hindsight one night of roughing it outside my favourite anime and gaming store, AWX, would have been well worth it, SSX 2012 is phenomenal! It is a true arcade-styled gamer’s game. I have not been this entertained since I found out that girls don’t have cutees. This game pushes all the right buttons and as you progress so grows your fondness for it.

The graphics are impressive and compete with almost every title out there. They are especially awesome when you enter tricky mode and land an epic combo, the world around you seems to shudder. This coupled with a sweet soundtrack really has your senses occupied whilst your mind tries to
comprehend all the gravity and physics defying action that lies before you.

At first, Linking combos and pulling off major tricks is tremendously rewarding, but then when you think you’ve mastered the art of SSX, it throws in a game changer. These are in the form of: different maps and routes down various mountain ranges. Some paths have different requirements: wingsuit – when deployed allows you to soar through the air for a limited period, armour – to keep you alive, ice axes – to corner like a mofo, head lamps – to see where your next big bail will happen, solar panel – to keep you toasty, and an oxygen tank – to keep you from passing out.

In addition to the equipment you are also able to rewind your rider three times in a ride, at the cost of points and time, but at the advantage of not falling off a mountain and landing on your face travelling at the speed of sound. These all add up and make gameplay an evolving experience.

However, there is one issue the game – in single player and the only way to jam with your buddies is online. Honestly I was shocked that this was the case as I thought EA should have thought of multiplayer on a single console. That said, the trend seems to be that most games are now designed solely for online multiplayer.

Yet, it is a tiny price to pay for such an epic, sensational game. If you have doubts about getting this game then please allow me to ease them: Wake up this game is frigin ridiculous! If you haven’t bought a copy by the time you have finished reading this then you have missed out on an integral 5 minutes of your life!

SSX Rating: 9/10

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