SBK 2011 Wallpaper - 5

I will start off by stating that yes, this meets the bill as one of the best MOTORBIKE game titles out at the moment.

So if you are an individual who is adamant on buying a motorbike game then I suggest your reading stops now.

Rating (for a simulator MOTORBIKE game): 8/10

Now for the remaining readers (those not hell bent on racing on two wheels) I can elaborate a bit further. Just because SBK2011 is one of the best performers in its class does not mean it is a good game at all.

Don’t get me wrong, I love my racing games. From simulators, such as GT5, to the much more popular arcade type racers. However, SBK2011 was unfortunately not one that I ended up loving.

Besides a few moments of fun and my love of a perfectly hit apex, SBK felt dull and almost uninspired. After aptly choosing my race number as 69 (for no other reason than the fact that connotations of such a number make me feel more masculine and hardcore) I was pleasantly surprised to see that I had the option of being South African. Not 5 minutes later and I was unpleasantly surprised at the amount of loading this game had me enduring.

Loading time is something that every gamer is used to, and every gamer is at peace with, so long as the gameplay and graphics justify the waiting. Unfortunately this is not the case. Both the physics engine and the AI are sorely lacking. While the graphics aren’t bad at all the actual racing feels unrealistic. AI racers are uninventive and follow a boring form of follow the leader.

This lack of competitive creativity leaves the racing rather bland, leaving you racing yourself. The game is not difficult to master and after a first few tricky laps I found myself getting into a smooth groove of getting to the front, staying at the front and staying on the bike.

The last requirement being a lot easier than one might expect as, funny enough, power slides on two wheels are easy. Realistic (sarcastic face). SBK does not offer the same sense of intensity and excitement that racing game fans come to expect from racing games. In my opinion SBK is not a terrible game, those intent on 2 wheels won’t be blown away, but they won’t be utterly gutted. If you cannot decide on a game, wait. There are some very exciting titles coming out soon.

Watch this space.

SBK 2011 Rating (for the rest of us): 4/10


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