8 years of brutal soul-draining patience and finally the third instalment has arrived. And it has done so with unbelievable excellence.

Admittedly I am late to the party in terms of pushing out this review, partly because the game in question has absorbed all my attention and partly because I wasn’t even sure where to begin. After days of internal debate; I ended up where any rational, self-respecting man does. The horses have testicles that change size according to the weather!

Now before you burst into laughter or judge my game-reviewing capabilities, I want to put into perspective why this is an important place to start. The team at Rockstar Games took 8 years to release RDR2 and in that lengthy period I have no doubt that there was no stone that was left unturned. So much so that the team got together after waxing all the important aspects such as smooth gameplay with deeply involving storyline, NPC’s that respond almost realistically to practically everything and decided let’s give the fanbase something hilarious yet indicative of how close we fly to perfection. Therefore, the rest of the below will basically be a formality of praise, gratitude for all intents and purposes an exposé of what all-game developers should aspire to.

RDR2 slots in between Red Dead Revolver and Red Dead Redemption and in this storyline; you take on the character of Arthur Morgan part of the Van der Linde gang. The idea to play a character that is part of the same gang as John Marston was ingenious, watching how John’s history unfolds from the eyes of a different protagonist was inspired. The times are tough on the outlaw gang as law enforcement gains traction and forces them into more difficult heists to one-day finally retire. Past this there are multiple twists according to how you play Arthur and what decisions you make. It links perfectly into the start of RDR.

Gameplay is immaculate. From touting two guns to swimming to getting attacked by rogue bears there is no part of this game that does not put a smile on your face. The level of realism has also reached new heights with weather playing a role so dress warmly when needed, avoid the rear of any horse and don’t forget to oil your weapons. NPC’s have also become more ‘aware’ in the sense that if you enter a store drenched in blood they are either going to run away screaming or call the closest sheriff.

Then there is graphics and PC master race need to keep quiet for next the paragraph. On the Xbox One they are as good as can be when acknowledging that the Xbox One is not latest latest gen. The PS4 Pro does a much better job and the game looks truly fantastic. However, without being an Xbox fanboy, the One X really does the game justice. Truth be told the developers ensured that whichever platform or version the hardware is utilised correctly through precise optimisation.

Red Dead Redemption 2 is undoubtedly a phenomenal game and will hopefully set the standard for all other studios going forward. I highly recommend this title and believe you me that you will not be disappointed.

Red Dead Redemption 2 Rating: 10/10

Check out the Red Dead Redemption 2 website: RDR2

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