Any gamer will tell you that a sweet sound system ensures complete engulfment in the game being played. Sometimes though space, cash and those horrendous entities called neighbours stand in our way when attempting to obtain holistic game involvement. So the next best thing is personalised sound in the form of headphones.

The race for purer, more powerful and high definition sound has been on since the inception of the original walkman, if not before. Thus, with every passing year headphone manufacturers must evolve their products to remain competitive. I am most thrilled to announce that the Kraken 7.1 system seems to be the most evolved by my standards. They are simplistic, powerful, relatively light, aesthetically pleasing and provide gaming sound that makes me smile.

The simplicity of this headset is astounding: the single USB that powers and transmits the sound signal is a much appreciated means of connection. The use of Razer Synapse 2 to control, calibrate and manage the headset is fantastically easy. To round off all the simple aspects we have the retractable microphone, a smooth sliding mechanism as well as crystal clear voice input without the white noise disturbance in the background. This coupled with the world’s longest braided cable, 2m, allows for none of those get up and pull you entire laptop off the table because you forgot your headphones were still on moments.

Though, since they are extremely light and so unbelievably comfortable the aforementioned may still happen regardless. 340g by most standards is tiny, a ladies steak comes to mind, but in this arena it means your neck never gets tired. The ear cups are also very comfortable and I felt my ears never got hot or sore even after 8 hours of straight gaming, music and movies.

Which conveniently brings me to my next point: sound quality. Don’t let the 40mm drivers with virtual surround sound deter you. They may not be the exact same thing as true surround sound but you will be hard-pressed to discern the difference between the two. The quality is spectacular and whether it is music, movies, gaming or in-gaming chat you will not be disappointed.

In addition this headset is rather good looking, it is by no means flashy or head turning but rather just pretty enough to be considered visually agreeable. The Razer symbol that illuminates on the outside of the ear piece and the black base colour is satisfying. However if you are a fan of bright and ostentatious then the Kraken Pro might tickle your fancy.

As with all Razer products quality does come with a price tag to match but I can honestly say that if I were not a student and had money to invest in a great headset these would be my first choice. The Kraken 7.1 sells for around R1200.00 and the Kraken Pro sells for around R900.00.

Though, for premium sound the above prices are not exactly criminal and if you have the cash and are doubtful about spending it on one of the most trusted gaming peripheral manufacturer’s product then hopefully this review and the fact that Razer is one of the most trusted gaming peripheral manufacturers, yes I stated it twice, can change your mind.

Kraken 7.1 Rating: 10/10

Check out the Razer website: Kraken 7.1

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