Rayman, Globox and the crew are back to fight the evil Bubble Dreamers’ nightmares.

2D style, comical characters, 4 player co-op and of course the need to play “just one more level” all combine to make Rayman and games of this sort successful. Not forgetting that they achieve success in an industry teaming with surreal graphics, thought-provoking plots, soundtracks that make artists and gameplay that surpasses the wildest imagination.

Rayman is by no means the future of gaming but rather a tribute to the origin of gaming. That being said I cannot compare Rayman Legends’ attributes to that of GTA V or BF4. Nor would it be fair to compare it to the true classics such as Metal Slug and Sonic. Thus, the dilemma, though, not to fear a happy medium exists in the form of a quick-fire pros and cons paragraph.

It is more convenient than locating the nearest arcade, buying coins and inserting in machine as required. To avoid any harsh remarks it lacks the graphical crispness Crysis 3 possesses. Whether you are four or forty you will be able to enjoy playing this game. Your diction will not be improved unless you speak purely in grunts. If you have finished all your other games and need to burn time then this is one of the better ways to do so. You don’t have to deal with twelve-year olds online who are only able to convey ideas and thoughts via the medium of profanities. The music can become a tad annoying, however there are musical levels featuring “Black Betty”, “Woo Hoo” and other awesome songs. There are hours of gameplay, pro or con your choice. If you are a perfectionist then those hours will turn into months but at least you will get your money’s worth.

The truth is Rayman will not be setting a new benchmark for graphics, gameplay, soundtracks, storyline or revenue generated but I couldn’t be bothered about those criteria when after three hours of playing I set that remote down and my smile lingers for that little bit longer than it did for every other game I have played in the past five years.

Rayman Legends Rating: 9/10

Check out the Rayman Legends website: Rayman

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