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Need for Speed is a series that many, including myself, have followed from an innocent, young age dating back to our first consoles. Personally, I owned every version on Playstation 1 due to the fact that they were chipped (thus R25 each), the fact that they didn’t involve guns (which appeased mother very much) and the fact that they were the best racing games available. Moving onto Playstation 2 and 3 the franchise attempted many new looks, from the ever successful Need for Speed Underground series to Need for Speed Most Wanted, where the Fuzz wanted you more than the ever available donuts.

However successful the franchise has been, there has been a mirror effect upon some less inventive games which left many, including myself, with a sour taste in their mouths. I could blab on about an analysis of every NFS game and draw up analytical data but that is not my job and in my capacity as such – Welcome to The Run.

Need for Speed have, once again, tried to re-invent what they stand for and in all honesty I’m not quite sure if they even know their own stance.

We find ourselves flung back into a purely arcade type game with the ability to recharge “NOS” through power sliding and being downright hard-core.

The aim is to race across the USA from west coast to east coast and be the first numbskull to reach New York alive.

Motives obviously including the Mafia and their insatiable appetite with your skull, tons of money and your insatiable appetite with cash and the good looking ginger girl who you want to impress. Typically, the Fuzz are never far away and will attempt to rudely intervene.

The Fuzz, the Popo or the Heat – whatever your prefered term is in NFS The Run, they are simply annoying. They remind me of mosquitos, not ordinary mosquitoes but large powerful ones in Porsche Cayennes. Nobody likes mosquitoes and if you are perhaps a freak of nature then I would highly recommend this title. In my mind there is very little chance that an SUV police car would keep up with a Pagani Zonda or Lamborghini Gallardo let alone be INDESTRUCTIBLE. Also, there is very little chance of an Audi R8 ploughing through explosive barrels and taking millions of bullet shells from a chopper. This leads us, once again, to the fact that the game is purely Arcade based and can often be reminiscent of another title known as Burnout. If you have played Burnout you will know that the sole objective of some races is to destroy all. So perhaps, Need for Speed – Burnout would have been a more appropriate title.

Despite all of the criticism and frustration I have toward The Run, there is one huge positive. I finished the game in about 2 days, putting down the remote seemed pointless as I was hooked. Despite the lack of realism most gamers crave in a racing title The Run is addictive and strangely captivating. Crossing through America is a lot of fun and landscapes obviously differ. With such different worlds come different sights, roads and geography, a truly remarkable thought and one which the NFS franchise should be proud of. The choice of cars is, as usual with

NFS, tantalising and new toys including the Porsche 918 and Lamborghini Aventador are up for grabs – all very exciting for the everyday petrolhead.

Need for Speed have not blown open new worlds of gaming, neither have they created another racing classic. What they have done though is created a game that will be finished and enjoyed. The only pity is that the NFS that many of us grew up loving is slowly slipping away. Again.

NFS The Run Rating: 6/10

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