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Most Wanted the original was probably the best arcade-style racers I had ever played, if not the best gaming title I had ever had the privilege of playing. This new Most Wanted is…THE MOST EPIC RACER I HAVE EVER WITNESSED!

It literally blows the original out of the water! I truly thought that the original would always have a slight edge on any remake yet I am happy to say I have been proved wrong.

The amount of ridiculously fast cars available in this game is astounding. The ability to tune each one to be more powerful than the next did feature in the original title, so NFS added the brilliant idea of enhancing them to be pursuit hardened and off-road capable. Lamborghini Aventador, check, Nitrous Shot, check, Off-road tires, check, stiffened chassis for better ramming capability check. This results in every driving style being catered for in every regard. Perhaps you don’t want to go head to head with the police, then performance mods are best suited to you. Though you may thoroughly enjoy ramming the police then performance mods with a stiffened chassis may be best.

In addition the gameplay is so fast-paced and addictive that once you pick up your controller you will only put it down when you realise that you haven’t eaten for about four days and even then you will still struggle to let go. From racing to free roaming there is always something to do: launching yourself off massive ramps whilst destroying billboards, outrunning the police and searching for a new car. Speaking of which, owning and driving a new car is as simple as finding it. Drive up to it, click a button and voila it is instantly yours.

On top of all that Autolog will constantly keep you up to date with what records or events your friends have done and recommended. Playing online is also awesome as there is so much destruction and adrenalin around you that whether you are coming first or last you will still be having the best of times.

The graphics are not entirely perfect, so I can’t clearly read the word “Stuttgart” on the Porsche badge as I crash through a billboard. If that is ok with you then they are fantastic and just add to an already stellar exhibition of gaming excellence.

NFS Most Wanted is by far the best arcade-styled racer out there and I will be damned if it does not go down as one of the best NFS titles or remakes of all time.

NFS Most Wanted Rating: 9/10

Check out the NFS Most Wanted website: Most Wanted

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