Welcome to the rooftops of this open-world free-runners paradise.

Faith returns in this reboot/sequel of Mirror’s Edge, after completing her prison sentence she is released into the world that is run by corporations trying to screw the little guy. The story has a few familiar faces and follows somewhat from where it left off. However, newcomers do not be deterred as this title explains all past occurrences as the narrative unfolds, and having played the previous title is inconsequential to enjoying this one.
The narrative is more entertaining and captivating than the previous title.

I am rather pleased to state the movement; the revamped fighting systems are now truly fluidic. The ability to traverse your surroundings while wasting the enemy, who are armed, is simple yet elegant. The unfortunate aspect is that Faith can no longer make use of weapons and instead relies on her swiftness and monstrous flying kicks to beat the enemy into submission. The addition of the focus shield, which is charged with moving without halt, blocks most of the incoming fire and distracts your attention away from the lack of weaponry.

With practice, the enemy won’t be able to land a single blow before you knock them unconscious or my favourite, herding them near the edge and kicking them off one by one.

The environment is sometimes a little bland, but parts of the open-world are rather edgy and rich with colour and detail. The graphics are marvellous and when you least expect it will leave your mouth agape as your eyes are treated to some impressive visuals.

Mirror’s Edge Catalyst is for all intents and purposes the older more esteemed sibling of Mirror’s Edge and feels more like a reboot than a sequel. That being said, it allows previous fans to enjoy the exploits of Faith and for new fans to find out why Faith captured our collective attention. Definitely, a title that still differs itself from the rest in the best of ways of course.

Mirror’s Edge Catalyst Rating: 8/10

Check out the Mirror’s Edge Catalyst website: Catalyst


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