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‘…like Baghdad with G- Strings…’ – Max Payne

I found this quote expressed by the antagonist perfect in describing what Rockstar have created. A classic Max Payne narrative with comic-book, Sin City styled cut-scenes. The game flows from playing to cut-scenes so efficiently and smoothly that, as a player, you are engulfed. Having been a huge fan of Max Payne 2 (ahead of its time in my opinion) I was highly anticipating this release.

I am happy to report that the new title is subject to the usual dark undertones expected from it and I feel that it is essential to have a whiskey and some painkillers beside me whilst journeying on through an endless barrage of bullet time and body bags.

Yes, bullet time is back and cooler than ever. Diving across a corridor filled with evil Brazilian mafia underworld SCUM in slow motion is definitely a fantastic way to relieve some of the day’s tension. Max has the ability to yield 2 weapons at once such as a pistol in one hand and a sub-machine gun in another. Bigger guns are also on the agenda. All such machinery is to be used with the sole purpose of destroying underworld corporations and, essentially, to mourn the loss of Max’s beautiful deceased wife and child. Bless them.

Bent on revenge and coupled with his alcoholic impulse Max kills, and drinks, more brutally (cough cough age RESTRICTION – 18) than ever before. Narrations throughout the game pull you in as a player and give an outlook to each circumstance through the eyes of the antagonist. The pick-up point from the previous title is ingenious as Max’s storyline endures as his life seems to continue its downward spiral.

Max Payne is a beauty of a game with visuals that impress whether in a football stadium, under-developed suburb or warehouse. Interactions with certain objects such as the lifting box used to lift a bus can be used to devastating effect but what impresses most is the gameplay. Rockstar have put a lot of work into a new physics system which allows Max to move in a more realistic manner. Hiding behind walls and turning to shoot in different directions gives Max Payne a dynamic style.

This game has done two things: It has moved the boundary of 3rd person shooters with unrivalled silkiness and it has done so by causing me very minimal sleep and a few subconscious hangovers.

Max Payne 3 Rating: 9/10

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