The Mass Effect saga has been one filled with excitement, rich narrative and a fair amount of explicit content.
The series helped catalyse the notion of multiple paths of character development through the combination of various dialogue options and moral choices. It also vaguely taught a generation of gamers the much-needed entry level flirting techniques, not really but at least I conveyed that perception.

Mass Effect 3 was seen as a disappointing conclusion to an otherwise prolific tale and Andromeda is what I assume to be an acknowledgement of the hiccup and a herculean effort to win back the favour of all gamers alike. I truly believe that Mass Effect Andromeda has achieved that in almost all spheres.

Yes, the facial expressions are quite often a far cry from the emotion being portrayed. Yes, the sex scenes are for all intents and purposes a form of light porn. Yes, there are plenty of bugs but which games these days does not suffer from a bug or a hundred in the initial release period. Andromeda gains my vote with the gameplay and once again quite involved storyline.

You play as either Sara or Scott Ryder and have the daunting mission of assisting your father, a pathfinder, to settle your entire species on a new planet. Habitat 7, the planet that was supposed to be perfect for settlement is, you guessed it…hostile AF. There is also a somewhat alarming piece of information you find out a little later in the game that gives the title a sense of reminiscence. Hint hint: The Reapers are back.

The gameplay is fantastic and is all real-time, no more pausing of the game to make use of shield, medpac or special shot. The third person view with the improved movement and combat systems really make the battle sequences exhilarating. The entire package is truly awesome.

I realise that in general this game has not scored highly with other reviewers but I had a blast playing through the title. The joy I received from playing a title that reminds me so heavily of the original trilogy, whether it be from lazy story-writing or intentional linking is neither here nor there for me. The game is plain fun and that is all there is to it.

If you enjoyed the originals and are not too sticky about it not being perfectly polished then I suggest you spend the high premium and find as much enjoyment as I did.

Mass Effect Andromeda Rating: 8/10

Check out the Mass Effect Adromeda website: Andromeda

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