LA Noire

L.A, 1947, a newly graduated cop patrols the streets, solving cases that other men would have found impossible to piece together. A time when every case was in itself an epic up and down roller-coaster of gut wrenching murders and skilful criminals bent on becoming top dog.

How do you make a dent in the Goliath that is the dirty, underground world of L.A? By cleaning up the streets, one case at a time.

As we have come to expect from Rockstar, creator of games such as Grand Theft Auto, Max Pain and Red Dead Redemption, L.A Noire is an exceptionally well thought out and time consuming game. Not bad “time consuming”, like say cleaning your room or washing dishes, but a good “time consuming”, like playing tonsil hockey, or drinking.

The game as a whole gives you the feeling of watching a very good thriller or detective movie. Rockstar has taken the first noticeable steps towards creating a game that plays like a movie. Letting you control the main character, you decide how the plot plays out.

While this was the main theme to the game, in true Rockstar fashion, you have full control of where, when and how your character gets from point A, to point B.

There are so many side missions that putting down the controller is almost impossible and completing the story line comes second to shooting bad guys in the pip on side missions.

One noticeable feature of the game is the very advanced facial animation. In every case there will come a time when you have to question the witness. Rockstar wanted to make this as realistic as possible. In other words, all the witnesses show whether they are lying or telling the truth with their facial expressions!

Controls are as basic as you could possible make them, meaning the age restriction of the game is the only thing keeping your 5 year old cousin from playing it.

Now comes the time when I explain what was wrong with the game. If you are a hater of the game, it gives me great pleasure to tell you that the list has very few entries.

1. Cases get repetitive after a while and the game does lag slightly.

2. See No.1 – there is nothing else, it’s just that good!

Apart from being an amazing escape for all those people that have ever wanted to be a detective, it sticks to real life methods of interrogation and crime solving (As much as is possible to keep the game flowing, can’t have you spending 45 minutes driving to the witnesses house, now can they?). A pretty good representation of what to expect come real life L.A in the 1940’s.

I think it’s safe to say that anyone who lets their parents, siblings or better half play L.A Noire, will be in a bit of trouble the next time they try to talk themselves out of a dodgy situation. So, keep the game to yourself, I’m sure you won’t regret the decision anyway.

Rating 8/10

Xavier Bezuidenhoudt – Our resident Frenchman; we discovered Xavier in the back streets of Paris selling bootleg Mighty Mouse action figures. His Parisian occupation paired with his checkered past as a mime in the Moulin Rouge gave him the necessary skill required to become an excelent PC games reviewer. We immediately offered him a job. Take away from the fast paced world of action figure bootlegging, Xavier settled in Johannesburg, living on a diet of Merlot, Foie Gras and your tears when he owns you at Starcraft