The good in this case being Dance Central 3 and the bad being Fable: The Journey.

Dance Central 3 is without a doubt one of the best Dance based titles out there. It makes use of almost all the Kinect’s features and as far as I can tell it is superbly accurate.

That being said and before Fable fans blow their gaskets, Fable also utilizes most of the Kinect’s features and at the worst of times is still fantastically accurate.

So right it to then, Good and Evil let the battle begin.


Fable takes this one hands down, from the environments to the displays of magic it makes Dance Central seem aesthetically challenged. This may be a hollow victory though as there is only so much the developers could do to spruce Dance Central up.

Fable is a great exhibition of what all games graphics should be. This point is driven home when you make use of any of the powers which are all awesome to behold.

As for Dance Central 3, the developers didn’t exactly have that much room to breathe so the environments and characters are as good as they could possibly be but unfortunately even with near perfection the limitations result in Dance Central not quite being on par with Fable.


Again the Master of Darkness takes this one as Fable has a storyline and Dance Central doesn’t quite. Though as before the odds were always stacked in Fable’s favour as the title requires a storyline whereas Dance Central doesn’t.

There is a massive change from Fable’s predecessors as now the storyline is fixed and linear. The new character Gabriel, a nomadic commoner, inherits the powers by saving Teresa, a seer. You are now burdened with having to save Albion and uncover the Evil that wishes to destroy everything. So in hindsight the story is unoriginal but because it exists at all it beats Dance Central.


This is where the scale begins to tip; Dance Central is much more exciting to play. First of all you stand whilst playing DC and you make use of every limb to achieve dancing mastery. Whereas with Fable you sit and occasionally wave your hands semi-violently to achieve some form of wizardry.

DC allows for multiplayer and vs battles and Fable well, just doesn’t. Fable is tremendously limited in this regard and once again it is due to its circumstances which are debilitating to say the least.

As for single player, Fable is far better than DC. That being said it has next to no replay-ability and DC can be played over and over until you are fit and dance-prepped ready to showdown at your local nightclub.


You probably guessed DC takes the cake on this one. If it didn’t and was somehow rivalled by Fable then it would make for a horrible dance based game.

There are over 40 current tracks and there will be more released with DLCs over the next few months.

Fable on the other hand has around 4 tracks which all sound pretty similar and are not going to be making any top 40 listings any time soon.


This will be short and probably obvious, if you like to dance and don’t want to go clubbing every night then Dance Central 3 is the only game for you. If you enjoy conjuring up spells then look no further then Fable: The Journey. If you like doing both those activities then not only will you be a very unique individual but you will also be in luck because both these titles are available now at your local retail stores.

Dance Central 3 Rating: 7/10

Fable The Journey Rating: 7/10

Check out the Dance Central 3 website: DC3
Check out the Fable The Journey website: Fable



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