The James Bond persona has long been one that all males have tried to impersonate and all women desire. I believe that this aspect has been the selling point of most James Bond games. When was the last time you heard someone say that the gameplay or style of a James Bond was epic and insane?

This new title unfortunately does not break the trend of being a below par game. Activision seems to have done the bare minimum in creating this title. The gameplay is generic and really doesn’t push any new buttons and the ones it does push are so overused that the thrill or lack thereof is nonexistent.

When in cover moving around is a tad slow and not at all fluid, this is extremely frustrating as when playing on the hardest difficulty as fluidity in cover is key to success. The ability to stealthily takedown enemy and avoid a gunfight is rather unoriginal. Once a gunfight is started you are able to take out each enemy one by one as slowly as you like; as often they prefer staying in one place even if there are a hundred of them.

007 is one slick and quick thinking operative and the game never makes use of that fact. I want the enemy to be logical and try and surround to force me into exhibiting 007’s unique class. It must be said that the games feels like every other third-person shooter.

There is one saving grace though. The “Focus Shot” which does display one James’ many heroic characteristics. Once you make a physical takedown, stealthily or violently, you earn a yellow rifling image above your selected gun. You can acquire three at most. Using one allows you to zone in on one enemy as with a single shot you kill them. They can be used in concession to eliminate three enemies. Very useful when you are outgunned, which happens to be at the turn of every corner.

Now in true Bond style, the Aston Martin, would he be caught in anything else? I don’t think so. Unfortunately, the kind of cocked up the driving experience; it’s quite simply an arcade experience. For instance keeping your foot flat around a corner will do the same as breaking before and powering out after. The cars, guns, women and explosions are all pretty but are not ground-breaking and don’t do the movies, or books for that matter, justice.

The story is one of true 007 quality, with hidden agendas, super villains and a twist at the end. Ultimately following the same ending of everyone dies except for the cast that will make up the next installment.

James Bond: Blood Stone does everything in the most average way possible and thus does not stick out amongst its competitors. If you are a 007 fan than it will not disappoint as it has not done much different from its predecessor.

Rating: 4/10

Josh ‘Swift’ Sack
Games Editor