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The ability to control gravity whilst blowing someone’s head off with a large calibre weapon, awesome, I’ll take two please.

Initially I thought the idea was just a sales ploy and would be a tiny feature in the game. However not only is it a major feature of every second of gameplay but the means in which it is implemented is brilliant.

For instance, you can try fight your way through a battleground with just cover fire and intelligent movement but using the “Gravlink” device makes everything easier and a whole lot more interesting. The device has many functions including: anti-gravity zone, double gravity zone, grappling floating objects and hurling them at enemies, shockwave area effect and picking up objects to use them as cover.

This becomes even more epic when you start playing around with the different functions. What I found most enjoyable was when a grenade was thrown your way instead of running away just shoot it with the anti-gravity effect and watch as the grenade floats above and does little to no damage. Another hilarious effect was “floating” your enemy and then switching to the double gravity effect and slamming your victim into the ground. Face meet ground, ground meet face now play nice you two.

Unfortunately I have three criticisms; firstly, the graphics were not up to standard. Inversion has the Gears of War look of large characters with huge weapons blundering along in a small environment. However where it differs from GOW is the sharpness and detail of the characters, weapons and environments. There will also a few areas of glitches, such as getting stuck behind a tiny object or rolling out of cover to find your camera view being a wall and your character being on the other side of that wall.

Secondly, the amount of weapons is limited and I truly did not ever use more than ten different weapons.

Lastly, the storyline is not obvious but not exactly mysterious until the final “oh” moment. It is linear until the point where you will either ask “what the?” or you will just go with it. Though, with a little guesswork you will easily figure out how it ends. The characters are also not that interesting. It follows the usual plot of losing your wife and searching for your lost child as the impetus and justification for killing copious amount of “Lutadores”, the enemy that invaded your world.

Yet having made those criticisms the gameplay is so engulfing that you will overlook the storyline, weaponry and graphics just so you get another chance to use the Gravlink in a new and wonderful way. The multiplayer gameplay is also such a blast that after the campaign mode the game will still have many more hours of use.

Inversion had all the foundations to either succeed or fail terribly, however I am glad to announce it is a success in most regards. If there is a sequel, just fixing the few problems and not changing anything else and I can only assume it will be a major hit.

Inversion Rating: 7/10

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