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This time though 47 is on his own taking down gangs, syndicates and even the agency all to save a little girl. Diana, your former handler, has left the agency and as her dying wish you must keep the girl safe and away from the agency and anyone else who wants to harm her. The storyline is not entirely original but the way in which you progress is unique to all the Hitman titles. This coupled with the longevity of the story makes for quite an immersive experience.

Gameplay hasn’t changed at all and is easy to master. That being said, there are many additions which make for an infinitely varied style of play. There are almost as many guns in Hitman as there are in Borderlands which in scientific terms equates to a bazillion. There are objects that can be thrown to distract nearby enemies or better yet they can be used to perform tremendously graphic kills.

In addition, there are distinctive ways of killing a target which can reward you with a multiplier effect on your final score. Some of my favourites include leaving a gas stove on and watching a target blow himself to smithereens, poisoning someone’s drink or food or quite simply pushing a target into a deep steamy hole, refrain from indulging in any misguided thoughts.

The ability of 47 to use “instinct” to spot targets, check their path of travel and aim at multiple enemies while killing them all in one swoop really allows every player to go from silent killer to badass Rambo maniac. That being said your score will always be highest if you are as silent and efficient as a Hitman should be but if you feel a rampage coming along the cover and firing system will reward regardless.

The graphics are not as great as I hoped they would be and because of that the entire event is less appealing. It just seems that every other aspect besides the graphics were worked and reworked until they neared perfection and at the last moment whatever budget and energy that was left was spent on those awesome adverts.

There is also no real soundtrack to speak of and the in-game sound on many occasions has bombed altogether. One such instance was when 47 was in a strip club and upon walking in there was music and of course the inevitable wolf whistles but spend more than a minute walking around and that all just disappears unless you leave and walk back in.

The abovementioned problems however, are a tiny price to pay for an otherwise stellar performance. It should go without saying that if you are a Hitman fan then I assume you are reading this review after buying your copy and the only reason you are doing so is because it is about Hitman. If you are not a Hitman and fan then I would suggest playing this title but maybe just wait until you can get it second-hand or for cheaper.

Hitman Absolution Rating: 8/10

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