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Welcome to Requiem, a wonderful planet that boasts beautiful scenery, long walks and of course millions upon millions of beings that want you dead.

The saga continues with Master Chief and Cortana crash-landing on a mysterious planet that has an even more mysterious history. Cortana’s “rampancy” is progressing and will eventually kill her, thus Master Chief must find a ship to transport them back to humanity.

Along the way they encounter the Infinity, a human ship which may be the missing piece in a very complex puzzle. The storyline is borderline cliché however, as with all Halo titles, the way in which it is presented makes for an unforgettable experience. You feel tension and get the sense of impending doom throughout the Halo 4 story. The whole narrative is, for lack of better wording, immersive.

In addition, the Halo 4 gameplay is no different from 3, ODST and Reach. Everything is familiar and all Halo fans will be able to pick up a remote and be as brilliant or rubbish as before. Though, I think Microsoft feared this similarity may be considered a downfall and so in order to spice things up they created a new game mode Spartan Ops which is tremendous to say the least. Each week 343 Industries and Microsoft will release a story driven episode of gameplay which follows the crew of the Infinity. Playing Spartan Ops or Campaign with the 3 other players in co-op makes the entire experience absolutely phenomenal.

The graphics are slightly better than the previous title, which gives you an idea of just how amazing they are. The new enemy has some awesome illustrations when they warp from point to point or when you finally take one out. When one of their grenades explodes a sphere of energy is created and it’s so distracting that sometimes you forget to run away and become target practice for the hordes of enemies.

Speaking of which, the Prometheans hold no prejudice when confronting Master Chief. They will run directly at you, in vast numbers and brandishing very potent weaponry. Their forces include: Crawlers, a dog-like unit that shows no fear; Watchers, an aerial support unit that makes battle more difficult for you as it is able to heal other units; Knights, which for all intents and purposes are overpowered in every regard.

Halo 4 is, as expected, fantastic and if you are a fan of the series then it will surely not disappoint. If you have not played an instalment of the Halo franchise, then it may be the perfect time to start.

Halo 4 Rating: 9/10

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