Rockstar games recently unleashed their “monster” onto the PC platform and surprise surprise it is exactly that.

However, before I get flamed by all the GTA fanatics for taking their “religion” and bashing it, it seems these days games are no longer polished jewels prior to release. Instead developers like to have three stages of beta testing: closed, open and public otherwise known as “official release”. So it is no shock that GTA V has far too many bugs.

With that out of the way I may begin by examining the other characteristics of this beast. I lost interest in the GTA series after it became too serious in that it had a more drama based storyline which in my opinion did not suit the game style. I therefore became a huge fan of Saints Row as that had nothing but ludicrous humour. Having grown up a bit more I realise GTA was never serious but rather very dark in its humour and an exaggerated depiction of day to day living of the average madman. Thus, GTA V has a somewhat grandiose but engorging storyline with multiple character developments which will cater for all gamers and their narrative requirements.

Now onto my favourite aspect of GTA and the like. Gameplay! It is as expected, insanely addictive. One of my favourite aspects is that if you smash into another car hard enough you render the other driver unconscious, propped against the steering wheel, constantly hooting and occasionally they slam the gas and unconsciously ram into pedestrians and other cars. The movement, cover and firing system is a little slow but still fast enough to provide that urgency that makes most games exciting. The driving and physics aspect has come a long way but still is somewhat unrefined. It is not a simulator at the end of the day and as such cannot be judged as one. The shear array of vehicles, clothing, weaponry, modifications and AI is truly impressive.

In addition, the inclusion of “first person mode” is nothing short of genius. It really allows the game to transcend the boundaries of third and first person genres. I prefer third person only because that is what I am used to but sometimes transitioning into first person view makes the difference between completing a mission or being horribly wasted.

Which brings me to my next point, you get wasted quite a lot when playing online by other players of course but also the mother$&#@ing “aimbots” who are able to land a headshot from 500m with a smoothbore flintlock handgun whilst you are swerving around a corner in a jet-turbine powered vehicle. Though, I appreciate the fact that the AI are no longer useless and are quite capable with their weaponry.

Online play is such fun and will have you and your buddies laughing for hours on end. There is no end to the enjoyment online play provides. However, I must warn you that you may start missing important deadlines and events if you get sucked in by the games chasm of awesomeness.
The graphics are truly fantastic and with an expensive enough rig you will surely be enjoying every single pixel of perfection.

GTA V ticked all the right boxes for me and will surely do so for both fans and newcomers alike. Definitely one of the better games this year.

GTA V Rating: 9/10

Check out the GTA V website: GTA V

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