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Forza Motorsport 4, much like its predecessors, is phenomenal. It is simple if you are and complicated if you need it to be.

So right into that simple setting then or otherwise “auto-motive” stunted setting. This setting will cater for the average gamer who wants pilot the raging bull, or the prancing horse around the track with minimal fuss. This setting allows the user to turn into another car at the first oppertunity, smash the bugger off the road, do some off-roading yourself and finish first. It allows any entry level gamer to bang in fast laps and really just have a fun time.

If you clicked when I mentioned the “raging bull” or “prancing horse” in the paragraph above then you probably know what a car is, then changing just a few settings such as: AI difficulty, traction control, anti-lock brakes, racing line indicator, braking assist, damage setting from visual to simulator and if you know a tad about mods, install them, then configure them to your driving style. Phew, that was a mouthful, but if you understood what was just written then it is totally worth it!

Yes each individual setting, when changed, makes a massive difference. With all the driver aides off and modifications properly configured an RX7 will keep up with a Devon GTX. This makes things really interesting online when you blast past someone who has chosen a really expensive supercar and isn’t that familiar with it yet and you have spent many test sessions and reading up on caster, camber and toe settings, to name but a small few, and created a car that is like a vacuum cleaner around the corners. This enables anyone to be competitive online and never feel like the car is out of control.

Throughout the series, Forza has always offered something new and wonderful. Forza 4 follows this trend and offers a saturated car list, superb graphics, fantastic driving simulation and two somewhat gimmicky aspects.

This first gimmick is having Jeremy Clarkson commentate on a few races and of course being able to race the Top Gear track. This can only be a marketing ploy to attract a more contemporary petrol-head demographic. The Top Gear track is definitely no Spa nor Monaco and thus once it is driven it becomes nothing more than another boring track. I’m sure it helped sell a few more coppies though.

The second gimmick, is being able to look into a corner with the use of the Kinect; this is even less understandable then the Top Gear track. You crane your neck away from your television so you can see into a corner through your peripheral vision. Looking away from your television whilst going into a corner normally results in curb, grass run-off, tyre-wall and of course losing the race. If done correctly it can offer slightly better perspective for your turn-in but it does not result in such a success to justify its existence.

That said Forza 4 is truly a smooth, well-oiled machine of entertainment and simulation and if anything the gimmicks just add to the very impressive resume. With a proper racing wheel and pedals Forza is just as brilliant as the real thing and at a fraction of the price and effort.

Forza 4 does not disappoint and really is nothing short of awesome. Definitely a great Christmas gift and a fantastic way to spend those rainy days indoors.

Forza 4 Rating: 9/10

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