FIFA Street Wallpaper 2

The original FIFA Street series, one through three, was an arcade styled, toned down version of the FIFA game enterprise.

The graphics were cartoony and with enough tricks you could build up your skill meter and gain a game breaker  which when activated made your footballers into super-humans doing backflips with the ball glued to their feet and when it came time to shoot it was almost a certainty that you would score and whilst doing a b-twist.

FIFA Street, 2012, has become serious and now takes itself far too seriously. In honest truth I am disappointed, it just isn’t fun anymore, it harbors around competitive attitudes and realism that is unrivaled.

That being said, there is no sporting game out there that is as realistic, as aesthetically correct and that skill demanding. It truly looks tremendous even if there are no marvellous colours radiating from the footballers feet as he dances his way through the competition and rocks the net with a shot that would probably shift the earth off its path of travel.

I must stress my point, again, FIFA Street is truly a sneak-peak into the future of sporting titles graphics. They are so realistic that it is almost difficult to discern between real-life players and their CGI counterparts! Oh and you can play as the major teams from all the first division leagues such as: English Premier League, La Liga, Serie A, Bundesliga, Ligue 1, Major League Soccer and of course the international teams.

There are other aspects that are tremendously well thought out these being: the online gaming, which is slick and easy to operate and exceedingly simple to organise games, the player upgrades and development system which has all the aspects I could think would be upgraded on a virtual footballer and the different game modes of which there are 4: 5-A-Side, Panna Rules, Last man standing and actual Futile. This FIFA definitely caters for a large community of “underground footballers”.

However, where it seems to stagger a bit is the games “mechanics” they seem to be ported from FIFA 12. FIFA 12 worked so well with that system as the fields were much bigger and the chances of a player being on you in a split second were much less. “On the street” quick feet are everything and the FIFA 12 system is a tad too slow to accommodate the less dextrous gamer. Ultimately if someone is close to you when you have the ball and you try to dribble passed them it is already too late and they will rob the ball from the tip of your toes. It is also a sign of lazy developing and for me that deals a major blow to potential FIFA Street consumers.

This makes for a very frustrating and quite inclined learning curve, especially if you didn’t play FIFA 12. Also it may or may not have you throwing your remote or keyboard at the nearest moving object, that’s how I lost little Skippy. Rest in peace Skippy.

There is one thing I should mention, if you had played FIFA 12 avidly then the transition is almost instantaneous and you will be selling everyone left, right and centre. So once you get the system and the slight delay and take it into account then the sky is the limit.

As with all EA titles a killer soundtrack is standard and surprise surprise FIFA Street is bang on the money.

FIFA Street was a big let-down for me as I was expecting cartoon styled, fun, unrealistic visuals and a general non-serious attitude. However if your idea of a street football gaming titles is one of unparalleled realism, attention to detail and a true reflection of what is out there then look no further as this title will certainly satisfy.

Fifa Street Rating (For Me): 6/10

Fifa Street Rating (For Fifa Fans): 9/10

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