We live in a world of constant change, chaos and uncertainty. However, we can always rely on a few constants to keep us centred; the impending release of Half Life 3, the war between pc master-race and console peasants and of course FIFA. This year the constant, FIFA 19, does not disappoint in both consistency and enjoyment.

Let’s get the obvious out the way first graphics, soundtrack and gameplay.

Graphics: marginally better than last year’s, utilising next-gen console tech more efficiently than last year and of course depending on PC specs has the propensity to appear super-realistic.
Soundtrack: as the great David Skylark once put it: “same same but different but still same”. A plethora of tracks that will make you feel like footballers feel when they see their monthly payslips.

Gameplay: for the most part enjoyable, intuitive and simple with the occasional moment of unhinged frustration where instead of heading the ball a rather unspectacular bicycle kick is attempted.

With those out of the way we can move onto the more unique additions made to this year’s iteration.

Active Touch System a rather interesting modification to moving with, striking or receiving the ball. After some practice you will find yourself grinning when skinning a defender and then finishing so well the keeper can only spectate. In addition, Dynamic Tactics allows you to employ certain play styles to best suit your perfected fluidity around the field. It is not all smiles and rainbows because just like the pros if their timing is off someone in the pleb-seats will receive a match ball and so too will you if you do not strike at the correct moment. This is thanks to Timed Finishing.

More game modes!!! UEFA Champions League is in, finally. Proving that Scunthorpe United can not only make it to Premier League and qualify for Champions League but also win it was lots of fun but probably not worth the effort I had to put in.

House Rules with a plethora of variations awaits and will satisfy some if not all your tastes. My personal favourite is No Rules where I am sure you can guess you are freed from silly rules like harsh tackling or offsides. It is the closest FIFA has been to emulating NFL in many a year. Cup Finals and Home and Away are also welcomed additions.

Admittedly in the past I have been rather critical of the FIFA series and for good reason it is the same recycled idea spewed out year after year. Post a paradigm shifting realisation, all sport I enjoy shares the exact same repetitive nature, yet I do not groan at the thought of watching it again this weekend and for the sake of consistency FIFA really is fantastic if you enjoy playing football digitally or physically or both. FIFA 19 does actually improve on an already near-perfect base.

FIFA 19 Rating: 9/10

Check out the FIFA 19 website: FIFA 19

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