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Congratulations to the new competition winner: A.J Nel. We will be contacting you ASAP to get your copy of FIFA 13.

Allow me to start off by saying that this title is NOT to be played if examinations are pending or if you require more than 5 hours of sleep per night. This is not a review but rather a tribute to the almighty FIFA 13.

The addictive nature of FIFA perfectly mirrors the real footballing world and as such a snowball effect occurs within the lives of every football fanatic. For example; my weekend is generally modelled around any decent football game. I will party, chill, sleep, eat, drink and work (cough cough) around these fixtures. No spoon will be cleaned, no bed will be made and no shower will be run which interrupt these plans. Enter FIFA 13. The changes are subtle but apparent. I still ensure that I witness every game live but before and after these matches my days are filled with FIFA. The differences between the two activities are frighteningly minimal as FIFA 13 has not only built upon a winning formula but tends to perfection. Step aside indoor football and yes, step aside PES.

The question on most people’s minds would be: How can a title with such success become better? The answer is simple…EA Sports have been able to fine-tune every aspect of the game over years and years of development. FIFA 12 was a success but one that came with very many frowns. The biggest of which was the result of a brave new defending system designed to make you ‘think’ more as a defender when the ball is not at your feet. The latest instalment, thankfully, has fixed these issues by keeping the same degree of awareness as a defender but without punishing you for every badly timed tackle. Players no longer dive unnecessarily into challenges leaving your ‘keeper wondering when he will actually be able to keep a clean sheet. Attacking wise FIFA has never let me down. A goal is a goal is a goal. FIFA 13 however, brings an unseen fluidity into attacks as AI players now move into empty pockets allowing for a very real and tactical experience where a goal can come from almost anywhere. This all means that players will have the ability to make the beautiful game look, umm well, beautiful.

Included are the usual game modes, from online leagues and live match-day fixtures to FIFA Pro where you can choose to design or elect your favourite player to take on the world. Career mode is also similar to its predecessor but small changes help to make the experience much more realistic and dynamic. Now, as a manager, it’s possible to manage both clubs and national sides all while taking on a new and improved transfer market involving player swaps and loan deals. A pleasant new addition is the training ground where you can complete certain exercises and tasks which improve your overall play. These exercises involve work on all aspects of football, from chipping balls into buckets to dribbling around cones and poles. This mode was made solely for those who continuously fail at FIFA and is a nudge in the right direction for EA as they afford any dimwit the opportunity to become the next FIFA King (which is pretty much the equivalent of winning the Ballon D’Or).

Whatever game mode you choose it is all about the gameplay. The opportunity to take Sir Alex’s job and show him who should have started at the weekend and how they should have played is always a soothing prospect. The fact that this can be done with such realism is a blessing. Select the appropriate difficulty and every match can be a challenge, every goal can be a celebration and every hour of sleep missed can be replaced by a dream come true.

So, if you had the choice between buying FIFA 13 and buying your girlfriend a birthday present, which team would you start your career with? (Editor’s note: Nick got her the present and stayed alive to play some more FIFA.)

FIFA 13 Rating: 9/10

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