Fifa 12 Wallpaper 3

FIFA is the highest grossing EA sports title, selling more than 3.2 million copies of the game, within the first week! This is excluding the iPhone and iPad versions which sold about 900,000 copies. Now FIFA 12 is sitting at about 8 million sales. A mightily impressive feat of consumerism, however it is not unwarranted. The FIFA title has always been of a quality that set the par for other football games, year after year. Rightfully then the developers at EA for their FIFA title get a massive budget with which to create their annual masterpiece.

A lot of big budget titles flop or are overestimated and thus poorly received. FIFA certainly does not follow this trend. FIFA’s of late have been brilliant, relatively speaking, they are as good as a football game can be.

With FIFA 12 there haven’t been many changes but, there weren’t that many aspects to be improved upon. The gameplay is still solid and well-oiled. Passing, dribbling, through balls and tackling are all frighteningly smooth. There are the occasional moments were respond-times are a split-second slow but then again sometimes humans are just that split-second off.

Where I was little unimpressed, this is really not a complaint just an observation, was with the graphical interpretation of certain players faces. Now that that tiny problem has been brought to light I can continue to suck-up;I mean compliment the almighty FIFA.

The graphics are surprisingly pleasing and with a small stretch of the imagination the crowd almost looks realistic. The stadiums are for all intents and purposes identical to those in real-life. The menus are simplistic and harness a sort of panache.

Gameplay is just as simple and within a few minutes you could make Messi look like he has two left feet assuming you’re playing on easy. Which brings me to my next point; changing the difficulty setting actually results in the difficulty changing and linearly at that. Thus FIFA caters for all and every type of gamer, casual or hard-core.

There is another factor that differs from game to game, opposing team difficulty. For instance as a Tottenham fan I have to endure some difficult times especially when team morale is low and then in the same breath I get to enjoy thrashings. Playing on the hardest difficulty against a much stronger team with injuries is tremendously more difficult than with a full strength side. If that is not a perfect depiction of the actual game itself than I know nothing about football.

The all-new storylines within the career mode are a nice touch to an already well rounded game. The addition of EA Sport Football Club with all the interesting challenges is another new direction that I foresee being a hit in the coming years but, from what I’ve noticed it already seems awesome.

FIFA 12 is in fact better than FIFA 11 which at first sounded impossible but, EA Sports has done it again. FIFA fans I don’t need to tell you to get yourself a copy because you have probably already bought two but if you wouldn’t mind sparing that extra copy for some new-timers that would be epic.

Fifa 12 Rating: 9/10

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