It is a rarity these days for big game titles to be released without multiplayer and truthfully I believe that Far Cry Primal is all the better without it. It is a game focussed on single player storyline based experience.

Does it deliver on the experience? No. Yes. Maybe, by admittedly neglecting multiplayer and instead concentrating all efforts on the storyline and gameplay it doesn’t exactly result in perfection. Though, given that Far Cry 4 was released late 2014 and Far Cry Primal this early in 2016, a year and a bit of development is not exactly generous. Maps were reused as well as practically everything else, a little bit of lipstick and an added beast taming system and voila a brand new title.

The story follows the adventures of Takkar, a beast master from the tribe of Wenja, and his task is to gather all the Wenja and find sanctuary for his people in Oros, a promised land of sorts. The Udam and Izila will stop at nothing to kill all Wenja, starting to sound like a story from a really popular book? Anyways, forgoing the judgement of any religious folk, the premise is unoriginal but luckily the execution is a whole lot of fun. The story progresses reasonably fast assuming not too many side quests are undertaken and characters and subplots are abundant and fruitful. Ultimately it will not consume you like Far Cry 3 but will most certainly leave you entertained.

Gameplay is exactly what you would expect from the Far Cry series. It is intuitive and easy to master. There are multiple weapons to craft and all of which give slightly different killing
potential. Unfortunately, you will probably find two that you really like and stick to them throughout. The ability to tame beasts and call upon them to assist in some stone-age savagery or to ride into battle is a great touch but once you have tamed them all the entire aspect becomes a little stagnant. There is no beast upgrades nor additions, like armour or weaponry. Though, to add insult to the already limited beast system there is also the problem of the bigger animals getting in the f@$%cking way and basically getting you killed, or maybe I am just a bad player…probably the latter. There is also an owl you can use to scout ahead and drop bombs on unsuspecting enemies with.

The quality of imagery and effects is by no means stellar but certainly more honed than Far Cry 4. The game is truly well polished and assuming you aren’t playing it on console the graphics are at least somewhat impressive. PC Master Race!

All in all Far Cry Primal is a decent game if you really enjoy getting lost in open world environments and repetitively completing missions. To be fair the development timeline was tight and as such the game is pretty well thought out. Would it be worth your time buying it? If you have grown tired of Dota or CS it is a nice change of pace until the next big release occurs.

Far Cry Primal Rating: 6/10

Check out the Far Cry Primal website: Far Cry Primal

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