Codemasters Racing has progressively improved the Formula 1 title and I am delighted to say that this time they got the hole-shot.

I found the 2011 title to be dull and numb to say the least, the 2012 title was described as “the pinnacle of F1 simulation” by our own Nick Holt. However, that pinnacle has been usurped by this much improved and fantastically equipped 2013 edition.

The first and most noticeable addition is the 1980’s classic content. The age of Nigel Mansel, Alain Prost and Damon Hill coupled with those fantastic turbocharged Cosworth V8’s, turbocharged V6’s and those spine-tingling V10’s. This content allows for F1 fanatics to relive and replay a sliver of epic F1 history. Yet, as one can imagine the cars from the 80’s didn’t behave as predictably as the modern electronically controlled and tamed equivalents. Codemasters did not hold back on any of the raucous “afflictions” 80’s cars suffered from. It depicts, as near as possible, what those drivers went through every single time they sat in those demons.

In addition, there is also 90’s downloadable content featuring Jean Alesi and manly man’s chin himself David Coulthard. So, Codemasters has spoilt us with choice: the modern teams, all of which bow down to Mr. Vettel and Christian Horner, 80’s and 90’s awesomeness.

Though, one aspect that didn’t change much were the graphics, however, the previous title was not exactly a slouch in that department. The damage is realistic enough, the tracks are detailed to that point that unless you have physically been to them you will not notice the difference and the cars, well, even if you had physically sat in one you wouldn’t notice the difference.

The gameplay is much improved, it is almost as if I can feel what the car is doing, whether I am about to lock up or break traction. Qualification laps are surreal in that the game paints a vivid picture of shear, unhinged speed. Racing is tense and involving to the point that you begin to sweat when the pressure is on. The gameplay has become gripping and exciting.

Codemasters Racing has hit the nail on the head with F1 2013. Much like an F1 team they have made small tweaks that make for a massive difference and in this instance that difference results in success. I cannot wait to play the next instalment.

F1 2013 Rating: 8/10

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