Hero - Enslaved

Enslaved to kicking robot butt… again. By that I mean this action genre of fighting robots is getting old. The question is what new or interesting enemy butts are there to kick? It has all been done before. So in terms of originality enslaved is not exactly setting any trends .

So I cant judge it on its originality though what I can judge it on is how it makes me feel kicking robot butt. Does it make me feel unimaginably powerful breaking through the enemy almost too easily? Or does it make me feel vulnerable and thus evoking my more strategic mind set?

Enslaved attempts both and fails. At times you molest them – no not like that – and a second later one measly little robot “agent” turns you into a human-skewer. Rather frustrating but when you do slice through them it really feels good and subsequently looks fantastic.

The visuals of the “butt-kicking” in question are rather engaging. The environments are spectacular but they only act as a backdrop to the much more exciting fight sequences. As you destroy the last enemy of a batch, a slow motion close up of your character, Monkey, breaking through the robot’s mangled body appears. Rather appropriate end to a butt-kicking session.

Monkey, aptly named for his madly agile manoeuvres which play a large role in gameplay as you will need to climb, swing, jump and vault all around your environment to progress. This and the fact that he is equipped with a staff that expands from your right hand that is used for both melee destruction and long range firing progression is vastly quickened.

Your progression is necessary as a result of you being enslaved by a woman named Tripika, Trip for short. Trip has enslaved Monkey by using a headband that will inject a lethal dose of “something” if you do not keep Trip alive and well.

She has enslaved you so that you can help her get back to her city where she was taken by the “Slavers”, the robots, in a war-torn aftermath America. You soon realise you need her as much as she needs you. The story is rather predictable and toward the end you get that all too familiar feeling of being the world’s last hope, it all rests on you. And you get the “girl”.

Enslaved is no paradigm shifting development but it has a slightly different feel to it. The combination of melee encouraged fighting, needing to protect someone and the parkeur influenced movement system forms an interesting and free-flowing game style. Instead of being enslaved to this aged genre the style gives a more emancipated experience.

Rating: 7/10

Josh ‘Swift’ Sack – Gaming Editor