Deus Ex

I am a first time Deus Ex player and until recently I never knew that there was an original let alone that what I was playing was a sequel. Not playing the original, I missed out, big time.

Deus Ex a pretty rad title for a game, this paired with the main character, Jensen, who is the smoothest, slickest, bad-ass, ass-kicking main character ever! (Man crush? Me? Never)

Jensen is Head of Security for a corporation that enhances paying customers with bionic augmentations. His loyalties and emotions are thrown into turmoil when an attack on the corporation leaves his ex-lover (I think) dead (supposedly) and him in dire need of many augmentations just to survive, which you upgrade throughout the game. This attack sets off a chain of events that leads you on wild goose chase throughout this futuristic world. This may seem a tad unoriginal, but the way in which it is done is really wicked awesome.

Which brings me to my next point, the ability to choose what you say in most conversations and obviously the consequences you face after such choices. In my case they normally ended with excessive violence.

The violence in question is excessively fun when your augments are upgraded for just that. Yet, if you choose to be more subtle then there are also plenty of augments to suit just those needs. The ability to run silently, go invisible and jump from any height and land with less noise than a baby’s fart is pretty damn fantastic.

The gameplay is tremendous and the cover system is really easy to master. Once you work out how to use your chosen augments in the correct manner any foe becomes your bitch.

The graphics are not industry leading but they definitely are good enough to make for an involving gaming experience. Even with okay graphics, quite simply, Deus Ex is the most addictive game I have ever played.

Deus Ex will have you entertained and glued to your seat for many hours. I am glad to announce to all the original Deus Ex players that this new title is phenomenal and to all new-comers it is a must buy, as in right this instant.

Deus Ex Human Revolution Rating: 10/10

Josh “Swift” Sack – Gaming Editor || About Me: Started Writing for TechHuman in July 1946 after an honorable discharge from the Guatemalan National Guard. Call of Duty Guatemalan Rampage, to be launched in 2026, will be based on Josh’s various military campaigns in the Guard.