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Darksiders 2, as many of you may have thought, is not based on the ex-Kiss lead man riding a horse around hitting out some hard solos. In fact this title is everything a Glam rock band aspires to become…

You are Death, one of the four horsemen of the Apocalypse. Freakishly ripped and whimsically arrogant you embark on a quest to find and avenge your brother, War. This is done by travelling through realms beyond the normal and discovering lands of daunting beauty. From beautiful water falls to dark underworld dungeons, Darksiders captures a unique sense of awe with arty styled graphics and considered character design.

Vigil has created a world that combines winning elements from other forces within the gaming industry. This is evident in most of the gameplay. Fighting for example is very similar to the God of War series involving a head on approach where dodging is a necessity to survival. Tap the right buttons and Death will perform combos that would make most parents proud. Running, jumping and exploring the vast realms and maps (yes this is a plural) is reminiscent of the Prince of Persia titles but lacks the true fluidity of Assassins Creed.

Depending on how much you explore and trade with the weird and wonderful creatures will determine the weapons, potions, abilities and items available. The ‘auto-collect’ feature allows Death to pick up every single item lying around. This will fill up the inventory quickly but items can be sold, dropped or sacrificed in order to make room for more exciting stuff.

Being the Grim Reaper, the obvious weapons of choice are scythes. Secondary weapons can come in many forms such as hammers, axes or claws. Modification in this game can take place in many ways. Skill points are awarded by gaining experience and they can be used to unlock certain abilities. These abilities coupled with the equipment and weapon upgrades allow you to design and create a unique gaming experience. One such upgrade is that of a possessed weapon. It is possible, and eventually a necessity, to sacrifice other items to a possessed item in order to level it up and increase its powers.

It is a very easy thing to become engulfed in the many areas within the realms of Darksiders 2. Luckily for you Death’s crow, Dust, is able to lead the way upon your call and shine a little light into an otherwise dark world. Your horse is summoned with ease and is available from the beginning of the game. Unlocked soon into the adventure is Death’s ‘Reaper Form’ which transforms you into a giant form of the Grim Reaper. This is a nice add-on as it finally allows you to pick on enemies your own size. As with God of War there are many bosses which are all far too large to comprehend.

A few critiques I have are that the exploration is very time consuming and only a handful of items can be interacted with in order to work through levels. The puzzles, again very similar to Prince of Persia, are entertaining but often draw away from the storyline. In terms of fighting and movement the game is no doubt a blast but often the camera angles can annoy even the most chilled of gamers.

I found myself lost in Darksiders 2 realms. The side-quests and main missions are enough to keep you busy for many hours and besides a few irks it is safe to say that this is a better title than the original. After War came Death, so who shall it be next? All I know is that I will be getting my hands on it.

Transformers Darksiders 2 Rating: 8/10

Check out the Darksiders 2 website: http://www.darksiders.com/

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