In a vastly vivid land we pick up on Sony’s 3rd instalment of Prophet’s story. As he attempts to save the Earth from its own inhabitants as well as aliens known as the Ceph.

The Ceph are back and all of human kind is controlled by the CELL agency who is meddling in things that ought not to be meddled with. The result is an Earth, and New York, in ruins and ravaged in a 3 way war between greedy humans, crazy aliens and hard to the core Prophet.

It might be hard to be a one man team but the nanosuit worn by Prophet is literally out of this world. It combines alien and human technology to create two abilities, Stealth Mode, becoming invisible, Strength Mode, making Arnie looking a tad weak. Along with that the suit makes it easier to run faster, jump higher, slide farther and, my personal favourite, it gives you an awesome Darth Vader/ Heavy Smoker type voice. Nothing says intimidating quite like a hard-core man’s man voice.

This all powerful suit comes equipped with many familiar weapons but the new title has 2 very exciting additions. Firstly, a bow is now available. Arrows range from a basic design to electric or incendiary tips. The bow is beneficial as if you are cloaked you do not blow your cover upon shooting. This is different to un-silenced guns where any stealth is gone when a shot is fired. Secondly, it is now possible to pick up alien weaponry. This is the sort of thing you do when you shield up and run into warfare all guns blazing. I loved the fact that these weapons moved as they were alive and synchronized with the nanosuit.

Visually Crysis 3 is a beautiful mess. I don’t even know if that makes sense but a crushed and destroyed New York City overgrown with vegetation and alien technology has never looked so pristine. Each blade of grass has been given thought, every explosion has been given oomph and every drop of water looks drinkable. It is a pity I don’t own a computer powerful enough to tackle the entire beast.

A clever new add-on is the ability to hack into machines and alien technology in order to gain the upper hand. But this is where the problem begins. The gameplay is a success just as it was in Crysis 3 where it is easy to switch between suit modes and find your way around such a beautiful landscape. Options and choice are still a large part of this game where machines, stealth, power or a combination of all could be used. The issue is that there are points in the game where the AI stagnates and it becomes easy to mark opponents and kill them off. There are moments that when combined would make for an excellent action film but in terms of gaming they can only be impressive for a certain amount of time. Becoming a hunter is intense and the options abound are vast but not much has changed.

The storyline was probably lengthened to include another sequel. It is never too difficult to bring more aliens into the game because a super boss alien is coming from another dimension. What I did enjoy though was the emotional side of Prophet’s quest to understand and accept his existence as a war machine and his confrontation with the suit’s alien side.

Although the gameplay has barely changed and although PS3 is not as fully equipped as many computers in handling such graphics I still thoroughly enjoyed playing this title. Fans will see this as an expansion or a continuation rather than an entirely new title, but it may not be a bad thing after all.

Crysis 3 Rating: 7/10

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