Welcome to nostalgia personified, EA is searching for redemption and digging deep into the archives of previous successes seems to be the one of the strategies.

Recent failures, bad publicity, the constant ‘evolution’ of micro-transactions has left EA in a pickle. The remastering of two former claims to fame is an attempt, feeble as it may be, to force EA into the good books again.

The Command & Conquer series was nothing short of gaming magnificence and defined the future measures of what success looks like for RTS titles. Starcraft released around the same time in the mid 1990’s and together these two similarly styled series made for fantastic fun.

Years later C&C and Red Alert remastered still ticks the boxes and during a fortuitous time as well, people are stuck at home and need to pass the spare time somehow. I am unsure if the generation that grew up post C&C will have any interest though, suppose this is point of this review articles.


Not much has changed in the world of RTS since 1995 and now, enhancements that were done to bring the gameplay mechanics up to speed include; updated sidebar UI, customizable hotkeys (thank f*ck for this, the original hotkeys required insane dexterity) and the ability to zoom.

Outside of these updates commanding your forces is a familiar affair.


4K for all those interested, yet please keep in mind that the textures, unit models and animations are all ported and modified from the 90’s. A decent job has been done but if I’m entirely honest the StarCraft remaster that happened a few years ago was a few cuts above.


The storyline has aged comically which I belief works in its favour. The cut-scenes and acting are indicative of an era where Stallone, Van Damme and Lundgren were doing the rounds of playing super soldiers. Whether it was intended or not the result in 2020 is both engaging and hilarious. Lucky coincidence undoubtedly but a welcomed one for sure.

The collection itself is not as expansive as I was hoping, it is just the first two titles of each series namely; Command & Conquer and Red Alert. When the title was announced I was hoping for the entire Tiberian and Red Alert series as well. Given the current track record EA will release those as separate DLC’s so that more money can be made.

EA did include some of the console exclusive missions which is a nice bonus but after the disappointment explained above the extra content is insignificant.


If you played the two individual games as a kid then I would suggest give this a bash and relive some fun memories. If you are new to the series then you may find yourself struggling to commit the relatively small fee for a game that has not quite aged as well as we all hoped.

Command & Conquer Remastered Collection Rating: 5/10

Checkout the C&C website: C&C Remastered Collection

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