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So here we are again, another COD ready for service. Here we pick up on the previous twisted Black Ops title in arguably the most highly anticipated release of 2012. Set in the near future of 2025, the same date Black Ops: Infinity will be released, you play as David Mason, son of the previous title’s protagonist. The thought of future warfare is a throwback to games like Ghost Recon and is a scary prospect for the COD franchise. This is because COD is usually based on real warfare, sort of, and not futuristic gimmicks. Thankfully, Treyarch has nailed it.

The idea of setting the new title in the future has played perfectly into Activision’s hands as the weapons and other gadgets are not overly unrealistic and are possible insights into warfare of the next decade or two. Suits that allow almost invisible camouflage and weapons with heat sensing scopes that highlight enemy whereabouts are only the tip of a rather exciting iceberg. The storyline is absolutely epic and combines scenes of past and present making for fun and integrated gameplay. This allows you to see why characters are fighting and even gives you the perspective of the number one bad guy – Menendez. This sense of objectiveness is unseen in these types of war games and as such makes for a great narrative. What is also clever is the fact that Black Ops 2 has direct links to its predecessor never seen before in the COD franchise.

Gameplay comes in the form of a fast-paced first person shooter, as always, and not much has really changed. This is a very good thing in my opinion as COD has always been comfortable and easy to play allowing fluidity unlike many others. Unfortunately nothing has changed with regard to cover, no new protection system exists besides standing behind a wall and staring at it waiting for the rain of bullets to pause. This is a minor niggle but otherwise I thoroughly enjoyed the comfort and ease involved in fighting for justice.

New side missions, known as strike force missions, are a neat addition that allows you to take control of a squad and a number of unmanned vehicles. The best part about these missions is the fact that their outcomes affect the main storyline. Certain missions give choices that also add to this and this makes COD finally feel as though it means something aside from headshots and stab wounds. The main campaign is awesome and as per usual you will be involved in a mass of explosions and accidents which then flow into an array of bullets flying past your head. You will feel as though you are a Bruce Willis or Sylvester Stallone with a never say die, hard to the very core type of attitude.

Aside from the actual campaign multiplayer offers a whole new perspective and will almost certainly get you hooked. Zombie mode is now back and more maps are available than before which, again, further extends the ‘replayability’ factor of the title. One such map involves a creepy town infested with Zombies and a bus that can be used between different buildings. It is a repetitive type of mode that requires some patience and practice but ultimately it can be very rewarding and it can offer heaps of fun, especially when playing split screen. New to this mode is the ability to find objects which can be combined to aid your journey into inevitable death.

The new COD is not just a sequel; it is a move in the right direction and blends the old rather seamlessly with the new. I thoroughly enjoyed playing it but I sense that even though it is rightfully one of the most anticipated titles of the year, it is certainly not the best.

Call of Duty Black Ops 2 Rating: 8/10

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