The Battlefield series has been one of much enjoyment. With its quick spawn times, many enemies and free roaming style gameplay, it was speedy and always unique. The introduction of a storyline in Bad Company 1 could have messed all this up. But EA games pulled it off. The dialogues, gameplay and weaponry were reminiscent of all the predecessors. So what happened with Bad Company 2?

Bad Company 2 could have just followed on from the original and everyone would’ve been happy. However, it didn’t and instead became a Modern Warfare 2 wannabe. Battlefield has never really been a game of tactics. It was always centered on “Rambo” styled players. Running in, guns blazing, grenade throwing and melee-ing everything from enemies to trees in the environment. With the occasional pause to swap weapons or pick off an enemy in the distance. Bad Company 2 on the other hand forces you to stop at every cover and plan your next move.

This occurs as enemies are quicker reacting than even the most expert of players. And it only takes a few shots and you’re dead. But you won’t be able to find the enemy through the omnipresent clouds of dust. AI on the other hand has special dust penetrating eyes and unbelievable accuracy. This coupled with EA’s “Destruction 2.0” system whereby everything falls apart if shot enough equals a lot of pre-calculated movement. Thus dying becomes quite a regular occurrence. But with far apart auto-saves get ready to redo many parts over and over until the cows come home.

Character movement, weapon changing and firing is kept the same as all previous battlefields. The addition of many weapons that you find throughout the game does add an incentive to explore the very linear maps. Granted, once you find the weapon you enjoy the most you won’t really want to look for any others because a .50cal will work just as well as an automatic shotgun in close quarters. Whilst exploring you may come across a com station which you can blow up, for what I’m not sure but a cool shiny gold coin appears at the top of your screen straight afterward… whoop didoo!

Graphics are very good but as I said due to the humongous amount of dust you won’t get a chance to really take them in… seriously its everywhere. When you pot an enemy a decent amount of blood comes gushing out which, assuming you get the chance to actually take a shot at AI, is rather rewarding. Environments are incredibly detailed. So, when you character is hidden in a corner, planning his next move, you can really appreciate the work that has gone into making the concrete look as real as possible before it gets blown to bits!

Credit must be given to “Destruction 2.0” as being able to entirely collapse an enemy’s chosen hide-out building is frigin awesome! The retention of characters from Bad Company 1 is a great aspect. If only the story didn’t change from them being a rogue squad searching for gold to them trying to stop Russia from invading with their new super-weapon… Modern Warfare 2 much? At least EA knew they were copying the idea as during game play a funny comment is made by one of the characters: ‘at least they didn’t use those soft guys with heart-rate monitors strapped to their guns.’

Battlefield: Bad Company 2 is by no means a bad game. It is a well-oiled, medium paced, huge destruction first person shooter. It borrows practically all its aspects from MW2 and molds a Battlefield persona into it. It is definitely not Bad Company but rather a bad-ass that helps an old lady cross the road.

Rating: 7/10

Josh “Swift” Sack
Games Editor