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Ace Combat has always been fantastic fun. Whether or not you are a fan of fighter jets and dogfights, Ace Combat was, and still is, the most entertaining flying title.

There is never a moment of boredom or stagnancy with all the Ace Combat titles. Assault Horizon is no different. Newer fighters, a smooth and simple flying system, an awesome dogfight initiation procedure and fantastic graphics the sky is the limit… [Writers Note: okay not one of my best, but not my worst.]

This new Ace Combat title, created a good impression from the get-go. Impressively, as I proceeded there was never a point where it started going downhill. The game just got better and better. It didn’t have glitches, that I noticed, and it was never a hassle to play, on the contrary the more I played the more I wanted to play. After one insane dogfight I was hooked, addicted to turning a beautifully engineered fighter-jet into scrap metal.

This was all made more interesting with the fluid dogfighting system. Once close enough to a target you are able to initiate a dogfight with the click of a button or two, depending on platform, and if you can keep the target inside the firing line you get a missile lock and boom he or she is a ball of devilish flames. This system also works when you are the target in question. Once they lock on, use your airbrakes get them in nice and close and with a press of another button pull a mad evasive manoeuvre and now the tables are turned and you get to blast them to heck! It doesn’t end here though because if your target tries to pull that exact evasive manoeuvre and if timed correctly you can shred them with your cannons on their pull-up. Insane!

However, if you find the dogfighting system too difficult to initiate, there is still the old-fashioned lock on from far away and let the missiles do the work. With the ability to choose your “special weapon” and customise your aircraft this method is just as effective and slightly less labour intensive. Of course, if someone attempts to do the same to you the use of flares and easy-to-master movement controls assist in an escape.

This all culminates into one point and that being that at any level of difficulty, which are aptly named and thus are perfectly linear in difficulty, you are never the underdog assuming you haven’t chosen a cod of a jet. Thus, you are always on level planes.

There is also a storyline which, at times, got me fired up and ready to obliterate any enemy squadron. This is not to say the storyline was epic or particularly interesting but, it did add to the overall feel of the game.

Ace Combat Assault Horizon is a consuming title and will have you amused for the most part. If you are a big fan it is truly worth buying immediately; if you are not then maybe wait a little while and grab it second hand.

Ace Combat Assault Horizon Rating: 7/10

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