Hitman Absolution Sniper Challenge Wallpaper 2

This mini-game is a fleeting display of what looks to be an enormously entertaining title. It has you, Agent 47, camped on a roof with a tremendously powerful sniper-rifle attempting to eliminate a target. The target in question being a businessman of sorts with a copious amount of bodyguards that are ripe for the picking, picking off that is.

Besides the primary objective of killing all bodyguards and the mandatory target, there are other assorted challenges. For instance: shooting five pigeons or shooting three pieces of evidence proving the attendance of a stripper and getting a dance through one of the windows as a reward. Once each challenge has been executed you receive a score multiplier which in turn allows you to achieve a massive score and rank highly both nationally and internationally.

The graphics are somewhat limited but still trump most other full-version FPS’s out there. Featured on both PS3 and Xbox360 is the ability to squeeze the trigger as opposed to quickly tapping it, this aspect allows you to make a more accurate shot and feel like a natural born killer. On occasions I found myself breathing out slowly and holding my breath as I make the shot. (Insert blushing here).

It seems that even though this is a mini-game there has been an ample amount of consideration and as far as I can tell – success. I usually despise camping and long-ranging enemies but this mini-game turns it into a guilty pleasure. Every time you split someone’s noggin with a well-timed and precise shot a small grin appears.

I am bursting at the seams with excitement for the actual release as this tiny taste was delectable. I assume I will be indulging myself with hours upon hours of Hitman: Absolution upon release. The game is set to release on the 23rd of November this year.

I had a feeling that Hitman: Absolution would be tremendous and I am glad to say that this mini-game has reassured my feeling in the most “absolute” way. (Writers note: I saw an opportunity and I took it!)

If you want to get this mini-game just pre-order it from any of these retailers: BT Games, Kalahari.com, Takealot.co.za, Incredible connection and of course the ever-splendid Animeworx.

Hitman Absolution Sniper Challenge Mini-Game Rating: 8/10

Check out the Hitman Absolution website: http://hitman.com/

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