Alienware is truly my favourite gaming rig specialist yet, they have disappointed again. This time the qualm is even more petty than the last but relevant nonetheless to anyone planning to purchase the X51 from their online store.

It seems things were changed recently by the Alienware South Africa branch. Their website received an “overhaul” which frankly looks to be more of a downsizing than an upgrade. Instead of the style of the other Alienware websites being utilised a more basic one has been provided for us South Africans, not sure if this is some sort of insinuation on Dells part or just a coincidence. (South Africans are tech savvy too okay!)

The “new” website shows all that Alienware can provide us with and you can use the click to buy button which redirects you to the Dell online store. Which is great, as it is simple and clean. However, there is something I need all the X51 future owners to take note of. The website specifies that the X51 comes with an AMD Radeon R9 270 with 2GB GDDR5 card which is wicked powerful. This spec is even written twice in the spec list. Once you click the “click to buy” button you will be redirected to the Dell website. Please do me the favour of checking the spec tab which indicates a NVIDIA GeForce GTX 660 with 1.5GB GDDR5 Graphics card instead. This card is by no means a slouch but is definitely not the Radeon.

So, which will you receive if you bought it? Well, the lovely call centre person I spoke to could not give me a straight answer. I predict, though, that you will receive the NVIDIA as that has been the standard for quite some time.

I know South Africa is not the biggest market for Alienware and currently we don’t have the best buying power but that is no reason to treat us like simpletons. If it is just a big mistake then I do apologise for assuming it was an insult and I hope it is amended as soon as possible to avoid any buyer’s remorse or anger.

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