Dead Space 2

It’s a given that all new players that have neither the time, the money or inclination to buy the original would need a basis or platform from which to launch into this new adventure. Fret not, for EA included a history lesson, free of charge, with which to educate all dumbfounded individuals in the “Story so Far”. Wasn’t that nice of them?

The original is a Doom 3 meets Crysis type shoot-em-up. You play as the main character, Isaac Clarke, an engineer sent to fix a space ship’s comm’s system. Would you ever go into the middle of nowhere to fix a ship with no communications? Didn’t think so… Well Mr Clarke does. Not the most original story line ever.

The sequel is a continuation of that storyline, although this time the game is based on a space station situated on one of Jupiter’s moons, not a space ship in the middle of nowhere. Don’t worry, that also didn’t exactly blow my mind.

The game play is quite standard, with a couple short cuts and hot keys, nothing fancy. One thing that made me wonder though was the lack of any significant change to the weapon and ammo system. Not saying it’s a bad thing, just trying to figure out what the developers have been spending all the time on. Yes, there are a couple of new guns. Yes, being able to change rig’s (your suit) to cater to your playing style does spice up the game. But come on! Give me something new to work with here!

By way of multiplayer though, don’t expect a great deal. Don’t get me wrong, the multiplayer is entertaining, shooting other people without being shipped off to jail is always fun. It just lacks a bit of versatility, with only a handful of maps to choose from. You do get to play missions with friends and create groups or as EA put it, “posse’s”. That doesn’t really keep me focused, if you know what I mean.

Replayability is not one of this game’s strong suits, if you’ll excuse the pun. The first run through of the game will keep you glued to your seat all the way until the final cut scene. Which is exactly when the glue melts and you’re free to go outside and play Frisbee with the game disk. In other words, the game’s like a condom, one use only.

Dead Space 2 is what we’ve come to expect from EA, a solid, true blue shoot-em-up. They keep the original theme throughout the game and introduce a couple new characters and features along the way. It caters to all gamers, from novice to pro. I really enjoyed the game, despite the lack of any considerable changes. The mini games/missions really kept things interesting the whole way through, and who doesn’t love leaving a trail of mangled body parts in their wake. I have a feeling we’ll be seeing more of Mr Clarke in the near future.

Rating: 6/10

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