Gearbox, you fantastic cohort of legends…this is a prime example of recovering from a previous failure, ahem, Borderlands The Pre-Sequel. Take note EA, Activision, and the rest of you lot.

Borderlands 3 combines and improves on the insane scripting of BL1, the improved gameplay and weapon variety of BL2, and excludes the failures from BL The Pre-Sequel. The harmony is symphonic and truly engages on a whole new level.

There are two minor flaws which are quickly forgiven. The SDU’s at higher level are rather expensive, I do not recall them being as expensive in previous titles. The difficulty before completing the first playthrough to unlock Vault Hunter mode is a tad too easy. Outside of these there is an abundance of excitement and enjoyment to be had.


BL3 does not hold back with gore of any kind, the cartoon mixed deep-etched style makes it all the more visually appealing. The attention to detail is excellent and leaves nothing to be desired. The style itself enables Gearbox to reach maximum clarity without breaking the GPU-bank as it were. This is not to say that BL3 renders well on antique PCs or Consoles but, it will still be visually appealing for most spec levels.


Enter four new Vault Hunters to choose from: FL4K the beastmaster, Amara the siren, Moze the gunner and Zane the operative. Each one with three separate skill trees which can either be focused individually or can be skilled up simultaneously, the choice is completely yours.

A plethora of missions, side-quests and collectables await across multiple planets and zones on each planet. Yes, you read correctly, multiple planets, BL3 has increased the reach from Pandora. With fast travel, a ship, and planet specific enemies and nuances BL3 keeps on delivering.

There is plenty of grind in this game, the good news is that the rewards are proportionate to the effort. Which brings me to the coup de grace; guns, guns, and guns! Once you reach high level weaponry you realise the lengths to which Gearbox went to make each weapon unique and completely destructive. If guns are not your bag then do not fret the high level skills for each Vault Hunter are also very appealing and in some aspects completely imbalanced.


BL3 brings back beloved characters; Maya, Not so Tiny Tina, Brick, Mordecai, and various others. They all play a role in the linear yet eloquent story. With Handsome Jack and Hyperion no longer in the picutre bandit factions have formed a new coalition aptly names the Children of the Vault. With Tyreen and Troy, twin sirens of sorts, leading this psycho cultist movement the race is on to gather the vault key fragments and access the Great Vault. You join the Crimson Raiders who seek to stop the COV and themselves access the Great Vault.

As mentioned, linearity is the main course however Gearbox always adds the additional spice, sets it on fire and then catapults into your face. The lunacy and humour are marvelously mixed to produce a smile a minute result.


With the gaming world producing some seriously fun games at the moment Gearbox needed to step up and boy oh boy did they! Hours into the game and I just cannot get enough, already on third playthrough and still discovering new quirks and quips. Do yourself a favour and buy as soon as you can.

Borderlands 3 Rating: 9/10

Check out the Borderlands 3 website: BL3

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