The quick peak into Gears of War 4 was nothing short of mouth-watering. Granted it was only the online multiplayer beta so storyline and characters were not exactly revealed at all.

This year Microsoft has already pumped out a gem of a title, Quantum Break, and it seems they are aiming for another bulls-eye with this one. I sense with this quick experience they are doing so with sterling precision.

So what was most noticeable in the very limited and short-lived encounter? Fluidity, the movement and cover system seems more refined than before whilst still keeping that touch of simplicity. The entire system of running, rolling and ducking under cover was intuitive and effortless. The earlier titles felt slower and pressing the attack took time and became stagnant at points. Gears of War 4 feels faster which resulted in some electric death matches.

The graphics have also been improved and Microsoft is promising the full 1080p at 60Hz upon release. The detail is magnificent and once the full release fully utilises the Xbox One’s hardware the title will really be a step up from it’s predecessors. The gore and strewn body parts seemed to lack the horrendous detail that used to fill me with vengeful joy. Hopefully, that will be amended prior to the final release.

The beta truly evokes excitement and I am waiting with baited breath to be engulfed by the full experience come the 11th of October.
Check out the Gears of War 4 website: Gears of War 4

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