It is about time that I played a game that has a narrative that I can sink my teeth into. Quantum Break may be exclusive to Xbox One in the console realm and available on PC but I would go as far to say that PS4 owners should consider forgetting their allegiances to Sony and begin supporting both console giants. That or flog the PS4 and join the gaming master race, PC.
It is infrequent that I find a game that resonates with me, even more so when I begin to omit its shortcomings. The game is by no means perfect however, it ticks every single box from start to finish.

I will mention the major faults that will be noticed by players who are not instantly swept off their feet. The graphics are grainy in nature and often I found the Xbox One unable to provide smooth FPS in certain parts of the game. The movement system is sometime quite counterintuitive and you may find yourself shouting profanities because your character would not duck behind cover or moved a little too much to fall over the edge. Firing a weapon on a console remote is tricky to begin with, unless you are seasoned and have never used a mouse, but there are instances where getting the crosshair lined up quickly is near impossible. Honestly, I was too smitten to notice anything else.

You play as Jack Joyce the brother of a scientist and friend of another scientist who were working together to create stable time travel. You visit your friend to be part of the final test and low and behold it is successful but causes a fracture in time. From this point on I cannot reveal more than already have. Though, what I am at liberty to say is that there are multiple juncture points where your decisions directly affect the narrative path you follow. This adds to the replayability of a game that has no multiplayer.

Furthermore, well-known actors are used for every main character and not for the reason you would expect. Instead of using Hollywood actors to draw gamers attention to the title it instead using them for the skill, acting, and creates a real life “Quantum Break” series that plays in between acts of the game. I know this is not the first time a game has used this method of storytelling but given that the actors are excellent and the dialogue is essentially determined by your in-game choices the combination storylines is substantial.

A few of these fantastic actors are: Shawn Ashmore – Iceman from X Men, Dominic Monaghan – Merry from Lord of the Rings, Aidan Gillen – Petyr Baelish from Game of Thrones and Lance Reddick – who has starred in everything you have ever liked for all intents and purposes.
Gameplay is as expected from a third person shooter and does not excel past its competitors nor does it seem inadequate in any way. The guns are limited and will become tedious to use in comparison to the powers Jack Joyce acquires through the game. Again I would love to mention more but I do not want to detract from the awesome experience I know each of you will have when you get the game.

The best aspect of Quantum Break is the replayability and the fact that each time can be slightly different from the first yet not entirely so that they storyline does not stay within the overall subject. I truly believe this title is near-perfect and creates an environment for me to be whisked away on a cloud of imagination. A bit fluffy I know but it is that brilliant.

Quantum Break Rating: 10/10

Check out the Quantum Break website: Quantum Break

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