While filming the new series of Top Gear, presenter James May AKA “Captain Slow” managed to crash a camper van, held by a blimp, into a small bush. He is completely unharmed much to the dismay of the British Media, who published headlines reading “James May miraculously escapes injury as caravan attached to airship for Top Gear stunt crashes in field near busy road” – The UK’s Daily Mail
James was racing a Richard Hammond in a Lamborghini, It is assumed that he lost. It is also assumed that he will never, ever live this down.

Top Gear’s Official Statement:

    The good news is that our brave hero has emerged from the slightly scratched wreckage UNHARMED.

    After PLUMMETING to the ground at a MASSIVE two miles an hour, May’s craft SLAMMED into a small bush and then just sort of STOPPED. Thankfully, trained rescue staff were on the scene in seconds to intercept James as he stepped out of the airship and were able to administer a much needed flask of TEA and some NICE BISCUITS.

    May has since returned home for a SIT DOWN and some light piano practise, after which he is reported to be “very well, thank you for asking”.

Brendon Ambrose

Images: Geoff Robinson Photography
Story: The Daily Mail
Statement: Top Gear Blog “James: He’s Fine, Really”

James May: Slo-Mo Action Shot

James May: Slo-Mo Action Shot