The helicopter crashed, somehow I survived, and that’s when the zombies came for me – all I could do was Run! Zombies, Run! ‘Zombies, Run!’ is the new real-world gaming app by Six to Start, it had me evading Zombies and collecting critical supplies for our base while simultaneously getting a great workout. This App is a fresh cocktail of fitness tracker and mad zombie gaming.

The ZR team have done an excellent job creating an engaging and enjoyable gaming system on top of a multi-functional fitness tracker complete with many of the features one would find on Nike+ or RunKeeper. Your phone uses either GPS or the accelerometer to track your run and calculate your pace, distance and calories burned. As with nike+ and the like your run and route can then be reviewed online. The online interface provides a useful mechanism for analysing your performance at each stage of the run.

The aim of the game is to complete the 30 missions to collect crtical supplies and build up your base, while avoiding the zombies. The app allows you to listen to your favourite playlist interspersed with radio communications and sound clips which allow the story to unfold and give you instructions on your mission. For those wanting some high intensity sprints in your run you can activate zombie chases. Once activated you are randomly warned of approaching zombie hoards and unless you pick up your pace to outrun them they will catch you – and probably devour your brains. I’m not sure about you, but that’s enough motivation to get me sprinting. The zombie chases add an exciting dynamic to the run, with warnings of their distance behind you until you can actually hear them when they are 10m away. The storyline and sound effects are so effective that you really do get motivated to push it and outrun these horrific creatures.

If you like the idea of real world gaming and are prepared to get your imagination on board and become Runner 5 then this app will rock your world. If the idea of zombie games seem silly then you’d probably be better off with Nike +. I loved it purely for the fact that I had a fun and unique experience on every run and also found myself pushing a little harder due to brain eating creatures breathing down my neck.

The app priced at around R60 and it is a very large download so make sure you’re on WiFi when you download it.

Available on:

Google Play - Score: 4.4/5

iTunes – Score: 4.5/5 (Not available in the South African iTunes Store)

Windows Phone – Score: 4/5

Ryan Canin – Apps Editor. A reformed arachnophobe Ryan has dedicated his life to mastering the art of the glockenspiel. His hobbies include studying electrical engineering and breaking world records.