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Review: Lenovo Yoga Tablet 2 Pro

Lenovo have gone really big with the latest in its line of Yoga Tablets. The...

The need for speed, Telkom LTE Advanced

There is lots of talk of fibre to the home and fibre to everywhere at the...

Review: Cougar Speed Series Mousepad – So Very Smooth.

Welcome to world of speed where performance may not include comfort but will guarantee victory.

Review: Cougar 700M – A Whole Lot Of Punch!

Comfortable, affordable, user-friendly, precise and visually aggressive are the major aspects of gaming mice.

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Review: Battlefield Hardline

The multiplayer gameplay is solid, in other words you get everything you would expect from an fps shooter, namely guns, dead people and all of the grenades…

Review: DBZ Xenoverse – Blast From The Past

Nostalgia. All of us have had it and all of us will have it again.

Razer Prize Winners

Reasons of making others jelly, stopping the Ebola outbreak, getting the girl and dreams of becoming Dendi are exactly what make most gamers lives merry!

Review: Call Of Duty – Advanced Warfare

AW has a huge burden on its shoulders being tasked with annihilating the memory of past disappointments…

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FNB Update their App – Optimise Banking on Tablets

FNB have released their latest on-line banking App, focused on Tablets. The Tablet focused App from FNB compliments a much larger tablet device strategy for the Bank. Mobile devices have become the de facto way that over 450 000 clients of FNB now do their banking, and FNB are confident that their new App will become the way most customers bank in the future.

ABSA launch their mobile and tablet banking App

ABSA proudly, if a little belatedly, revealed their on-line Banking App for Android and Apple iPhone devices today in Johannesburg. ABSA is the last of the South African big banks to launch their mobile App.

App Review: Zombies, Run! – Get Fit, or Die Trying.

The helicopter crashed, somehow I survived, and that’s when the zombies came for me – all I could do was Run! Zombies, Run!