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Review : HTC One A9. The man in the middle

HTC have just launched another flagship device for 2015. Following on the HTC One M9 is the HTC One A9. The new HTC One A9 is a really good phone, it has one challenge that is best summed up as the man in the middle. Read on….

Review: Huawei Mate S. Details Count

The battle for dominance in Mobile devices continues unabated. Huawei are...

News: ShowMax Video on Demand

ShowMax Video On Demand brings world-class video on demand service to South...

The Human Touch – LG G4 Smartphone

In a world of glass and steel, tweets and technology, we may often miss the Human Touch. How does a high tech manufacturer stand out when perfection in Glass, Steel, and high tech, is all about? LG seems to have though this through and their answer is the very Human LG G4 Smartphone.

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Review: The Witcher 3 – Blood and Wine

CD Projekt RED are at it again. The Wither 3: Wild Hunt receives another massive expansion in the form of Blood and Wine.

Review: Overwatch – Who’s With Me?

Unlike a lot of other game studios, Blizzard doesn’t release a whole lot of games. When they do though, the whole gaming community stops and pays attention.

Beta Test: Gears of War 4

The quick peak into Gears of War 4 was nothing short of mouth-watering.

Review: Quantum Break – The Greatest Game Ever Played

It is about time that I played a game that has a narrative that I can sink my teeth into.

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News: ShowMax Video on Demand

ShowMax Video On Demand brings world-class video on demand service to South...

FNB Update their App – Optimise Banking on Tablets

FNB have released their latest on-line banking App, focused on Tablets. The Tablet focused App from FNB compliments a much larger tablet device strategy for the Bank. Mobile devices have become the de facto way that over 450 000 clients of FNB now do their banking, and FNB are confident that their new App will become the way most customers bank in the future.

ABSA launch their mobile and tablet banking App

ABSA proudly, if a little belatedly, revealed their on-line Banking App for Android and Apple iPhone devices today in Johannesburg. ABSA is the last of the South African big banks to launch their mobile App.